Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rush Revere and the First Patriots- Rush Limbaugh

"Rush Revere and the First Patriots"
 Rush Limbaugh

      In the second book of the Politics U. series, Charles "Rush" Revere and his band of college misfits are at it again, but this time they are chock full of hi-jinks and holding nothing back! Already on double probation for putting the science teacher's car in a swimming pool full of Jello and filling the polo team's jock straps with Bengay, they have nothing to lose.

When the rival team's mascot (Jerry, The Fighting Jackass) is stolen and the tea from the campus fundraiser goes missing (only to turn up in all of the school's brand new multi-million dollar fountains), Dean Obama only has to look at one frat house on campus , Alpha Alpha Alpha.

Will the Triple Alpha house pass sophomore year? Not if the dean has anything to say about it. Grab a copy and found out how Rush and the AAA house get out of this mess.
I found this book to be way too political and a lot less of the hi-jinks that made the first book a classic. I would only recommend it to the people that need help falling asleep.