Saturday, October 24, 2009

From The Earth To The Moon - Jules Verne

Sorry it's late... my g5 tower died yesterday...... /cry.

From The Earth To The Moon - Jules Verne

When a new governor takes over Kansas and makes the surrounding counties dry, it’s up to Dr Everett J Whoop to keep the turn of the century party going and his eyes are to the skies!

He builds a rocket booze cruise with a destination set as the one place that the party can go on all night long: The Moon. Joined by his first mate, Lou, a keg of beer and his long distance panty raid telescope (the one he breaks out for just the occasion) he aims to rock the party like its 1909. Whoop is most definitely where it is located!

This book is one of my all time favorite covers! It just looks like a fun book all around. Jules Verne was definitely ahead of his time and will be always remembered as a great man of literature!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Hardy Boys: Dead on target

After serving time in the big house for a crime they didn't commit, The Hardy Boys (or should I say "The Hardy Men") are out and this time they are on the wrong end of the law.

Jail has made these boys even harder and they're out for revenge. Armed with a list of names and knowledge of homemade pipe bombs, they're out to serve a cold plate of justice because justice is a dish best served cold.

HATED THIS BOOK! Sure it has all the settings for an awesome action movie but really blowing up cars and jumping away from them gets old fast (unless you're the one doing the blowing up <.< >.> <.<) I guess the hardy boys just grew up way to fast for America and maybe we're just not ready. Believe me, this book is pretty "dead on target" if you ask me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MOBY DICK The Musical! Random Midweek DVD Review!!

April 14, 1865 - The place? Ford's Theater, The Target? Abraham Lincoln, The point? "Operation: American Dream".

In this musical rendition of Moby Dick, President Lincoln has hit a point of boredom while being president, so he devises a plan to fake his own death in order to pursue America's true enemy, Clouds.

Lincoln devotes his new freedom to hunting down angry rain clouds, the kind that ruin picnics and baseball games, and making them pay the only way he knows how, vigilante justice. Has Lincoln descended to madness or is he just on a completely different level of badassness (similar to Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood)?

I will say this right here, right now... Gregory peck was robbed of the Oscar for this role! This is a must own for any body's home collection. It will have you looking into your own heart and asking, "Can one man really fight a gang of clouds?" Yes, my friend, yes.... but only if that man is Abraham Lincoln.

All the songs where preformed by the super group "The Time Traveling Hillbillies" a group fronted by Neil Diamond as Lincoln's singing voice, Zombie Tiny Tim As Old Salty (Lincoln's right hand man), Kenny Rogers as Raintos: The Cloud King, and introducing Josh Groban as a stowaway who's literally "Wet behind the ears".

* All proceeds of The sale of this Soundtrack go to the "Save the whales from clouds foundation"

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thou Art the Man – M.E. Braddon

I had a department outing today at work so decided this would be the best time for our first guest blogger! Thanks to Mark Adams I give you "Mark Adams Reviews "Thou Art The Man" by M.E. Braddon" Enjoy!

By Guest Blogger Mark Adams

In the turn of the century, it was tough to be hip. Awesome things like bling, crunk cups, and “Ghost Ride the Whip” had not been created yet. Still, that does stop one struggling community from developing modern urban hip culture. This is the story of Sir Alfred Penngrove, the coolest citizen in the fictional city of Horseless Carriage, Pennsylvania.

Yes, times were tough in 1890s Horseless Carriage. The gambling houses were empty due to lack of funds. The tricks weren’t being turned. And the hooch was drying up. Oh yeah, I guess the lay folk couldn’t find jobs and such. But whatever. Armed with only his mustard colored pimp suit, a few dollars, some influential contacts, and a bottle of brandy, Alfred Penngrove sought to make something out of Horseless Carriage…and himself. But danger appears around every corner, and Penngrove will have to face serious hardships, like boring parlor conversations, mustachio gangs, and women who ride bicycles. Hopefully all in a day’s work for the coolest, most badass man of the 1890s.

With its sassy dialogue and suspenseful moments, Braddon’s Thou Art the Man almost reads like a turn of the century Shaft, perhaps with just a little less violence and a little more sex. Young adult readers may find this appealing, but all readers will fall in love with Sir Alfred as the protagonist struggling with an environment that almost completely parallels our 21st century recession era existence…and not to spoil it’s contents, but there is even a strange coincidence when Sir Alfred, as he puts it “Haphazardly goes about his horseless carriage while in motion, not unlike a phantasm”.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

So, I've been getting some guff about only reviewing action packed books of awesome so I've decided to shrug off my manly exterior and show a little of my sensitive side (you know, for the ladies). Without further ado I give you a romantic comedy called "A Tale of Two Cities"

Pierre Demounte is an up and coming French business executive from the 1700's with a lot of fresh ideas just begging to bring the world to its knees. Mary Taylor is a New York astronaut from the fifties with a bad attitude and a time machine.

On one of Mary’s random adventures she ends up in the French revolution but it’s more than gun powder in the air for these two opposites. Mary's stubbornness and hometown pride leads the two on a wild adventure around town giving Pierre a chance to open his new loves eyes to the beauty that is French culture. Will Mary give in to her surroundings or is she blinded by smelly taxi cab drivers and the New York Yankees?

This book touches the heart as well as the funny bone! My favorite character is the comic sidekick "Jacque" a bumbling leader in the revolution. This book is for everyone and is easily will be a classic for generations to come.