Friday, October 16, 2009

The Hardy Boys: Dead on target

After serving time in the big house for a crime they didn't commit, The Hardy Boys (or should I say "The Hardy Men") are out and this time they are on the wrong end of the law.

Jail has made these boys even harder and they're out for revenge. Armed with a list of names and knowledge of homemade pipe bombs, they're out to serve a cold plate of justice because justice is a dish best served cold.

HATED THIS BOOK! Sure it has all the settings for an awesome action movie but really blowing up cars and jumping away from them gets old fast (unless you're the one doing the blowing up <.< >.> <.<) I guess the hardy boys just grew up way to fast for America and maybe we're just not ready. Believe me, this book is pretty "dead on target" if you ask me.

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