Friday, October 2, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

So, I've been getting some guff about only reviewing action packed books of awesome so I've decided to shrug off my manly exterior and show a little of my sensitive side (you know, for the ladies). Without further ado I give you a romantic comedy called "A Tale of Two Cities"

Pierre Demounte is an up and coming French business executive from the 1700's with a lot of fresh ideas just begging to bring the world to its knees. Mary Taylor is a New York astronaut from the fifties with a bad attitude and a time machine.

On one of Mary’s random adventures she ends up in the French revolution but it’s more than gun powder in the air for these two opposites. Mary's stubbornness and hometown pride leads the two on a wild adventure around town giving Pierre a chance to open his new loves eyes to the beauty that is French culture. Will Mary give in to her surroundings or is she blinded by smelly taxi cab drivers and the New York Yankees?

This book touches the heart as well as the funny bone! My favorite character is the comic sidekick "Jacque" a bumbling leader in the revolution. This book is for everyone and is easily will be a classic for generations to come.

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