Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MOBY DICK The Musical! Random Midweek DVD Review!!

April 14, 1865 - The place? Ford's Theater, The Target? Abraham Lincoln, The point? "Operation: American Dream".

In this musical rendition of Moby Dick, President Lincoln has hit a point of boredom while being president, so he devises a plan to fake his own death in order to pursue America's true enemy, Clouds.

Lincoln devotes his new freedom to hunting down angry rain clouds, the kind that ruin picnics and baseball games, and making them pay the only way he knows how, vigilante justice. Has Lincoln descended to madness or is he just on a completely different level of badassness (similar to Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood)?

I will say this right here, right now... Gregory peck was robbed of the Oscar for this role! This is a must own for any body's home collection. It will have you looking into your own heart and asking, "Can one man really fight a gang of clouds?" Yes, my friend, yes.... but only if that man is Abraham Lincoln.

All the songs where preformed by the super group "The Time Traveling Hillbillies" a group fronted by Neil Diamond as Lincoln's singing voice, Zombie Tiny Tim As Old Salty (Lincoln's right hand man), Kenny Rogers as Raintos: The Cloud King, and introducing Josh Groban as a stowaway who's literally "Wet behind the ears".

* All proceeds of The sale of this Soundtrack go to the "Save the whales from clouds foundation"